C-frame Hydraulic Press
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  • Y41 Series
  • 84629190
  • 100Ton
1. Main Features of C-Frame Punching Machine
  • Totally European design,Monoblock,Welded steel frame rigid to deflection moment and high tensile with ST44 A1 material.
  • Uses a variable flow piston pump - offers high pressure resistance, high velocity, durability and low noise.
  • Main cylinder is specially designed for high velocity, motor uses less power, high ascending and descending speed, increased efficiency.
  • The Machine is with both hands button and foot switch control: anti-tie down, non-repeat controls with ring guards; conforms to OSHA.
  • Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure the operation safety. Have a movable single-hand pedal switch,easy to operate.
  • Front Side Covers with safety switches, Back light safety guards (Category-4),Foot pedal conforming to CE regulation.
  • PLC press control is flexible and safe. djustable proximity switches allows stroke adjustments in seconds.
  • Dual control You can select to use:
               a) Moveable pedestal height for comfort and ease of operation c/w dual electric palm buttons & extra emergency stop.
               b) Movable single-hand pedal switch .

TECHNICAL FEATURES   Hydraulic digital display rapid presses Y27Y-100t
1 Type Hydraulic digital display rapid presses
2 nomal force 1000KN
3 adjustment of ram stroke 10-150mm
4 Slide block maximum stroke 150mm
5 Maximum open height 330mm
6 Die Set height 200-320mm
7 number of strokes 20-60I/min
8 maximum pressure  25Mpa
9 Approach Speed 210m/s
10 Operating speed 8m/s
11 Opening speed  160m/s
12 Workbench(L*W) 820*580mm
13 Bed opening 180mm
14 Depth of throat 300mm
15 worktable height 660mm
16 Motor power 11KV
17 Overall dimensions (L*W*H) 1350*1630*2600mm