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QC11Y-16x4000mm CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine For Cutting Aluminum Sequence Repeat Function

  • QC11Y-16x4000mm
  • 84623990
    • 16mm
    • 4000mm
  • NEW
  • 220V/380V/415V
  • CE & ISO
  • 2 Years
  • Metal cutting
  • Engineers available to service machinery
Features of QC11Y-16x4000mm CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine For Cutting Aluminum Sequence Repeat Function
■ Totally European design, streamlined looking,Monoblock,The frame of this machine tool is welded construction with steel plate, and stress is eliminated by vibration. As a result, this forging machine features high strength, stable performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
■ As the cutting beam has been designed in inner-inclined structure, it is easy for plates to fall down and the accuracy of products can also be guaranteed.
■ Adopt handwheel to rapidly and accurately adjust the blade clearance.
■ The rectangular monoblock blades featuring long life with 4 cutting edges, quality high-carbon high-chrome blades D2 quality.
■ The position of low blade is adjustable, thus ensuring the equilibrium of the gap between blades after regrinding
■ It is easy and quick to adjust the gap between blades. The value of the gap is indicated on a dial.
■ Motorized adjusting and manual adjusting for the back gauge
■ Cutting times of this machining tool are controlled by the time relay.
■ European key electrics
■ Light alignment device eases drawing line for cutting
■ Standard front support sheet frame
■ Protection fence and the electric interlocker to ensure the safety of the operator.
■ The machine by the European Union CE certification and ISO quality system certification
TECHNICAL FEATURES Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine QC11Y-16x4000
1 Type Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine
2 control system E21
3 Mild steel (450Mpa 16
4 Cutting length (mm) 6000
5 Depth Of Throat (mm) 100
6 Back Gauge Range (mm) 750
7 Rake Angle Adjustment 0.5°~2°30′
8 Strokes Per Minute 6
9 Main Motor (kw) 15
10 Dimensions  L×W×H(mm) 4715×2010×2590
11 Weight (t) 15
12 Optional 1 E200S
Optional 2 DAC360