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Metal Sheet Plasma Cutting Machine 1500x3000 Effective Cutting Size

Metal Sheet : Stainless Steel .Carbon Steel,aluminium Size:1500x3000; Power Souce:100A-500A Driving Mode:Step Mode,dual driving

  • PL-1530
  • 84564010
    • 1500x3000mm
    • 1500x4000mm
    • 2000x3000mm
    • 2000x4000mm
    • 63A
    • 100A
    • 120A
    • 160A
    • 200A
    • 300A
  • NEW
  • 380V/220V/415V
  • CE ISO
  • 0-60
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine With Power Source
Bamboo PLASMA machines are precision compact bed machine tools for high precision plasma cutting and are available
in a wide range of sizes from 3 m x 1.5 m upwards. Designed on laser cutting machine principles, the PLASMA fully
exploits the latest Hypertherm plasma cutting processes and produces clean, square,dross-free cuts on a wide range
of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.Our customers report that components cut onthe PLASMA machine with HyPerform
ance plasma and True Hole technology are comparable with laser cut parts in many cases.
Our machine design engineers have specified heavy duty precision fabricated and machined structures combined
with twin hardened and ground linear bearings in all axes, powerful digital drives and precision transmissions
todeliver high accuracy and repeatability and produce smooth motion with high speed and acceleration for the highest
possible cut quality.
Technical Specification:
Voltage AC 220V/50Hz
Processor Industrial ARM7 CPU
Display 7" Color LCD 
Input/output 13 channels of optical isolation input and 8 channels of optical isolation output
Linkage Axle 2 axles
Maximum speed <24m/min
Pulse equivalency variable, electronic gear numerator and optional denominator in the range1- 65535
Memory space 32-64M memory capacity for user program , no restriction to machining program
Temperature 0-60℃
Inputting range +/-9999.999mm
    Support Chinese/ English
    Dynamic/static processing graphics display
    High speed 16 bits SMC Plus 8 bits SMC and hardware interpolation control, running at 0.5u equivalent weight 6000mm/min
    Step motor,stable movement, low noise, improving processing quality
    Setting starting speed and lifting speed time at your will
    Electrical gear adjustment, no need of pulse equivalent weight, any kind of machinery equipments with pitch of screws of thread stick
    General ways, simple, flexible,accuracy and easy operation
    Providing many kinds of fixing circle to make programming simpler
    Directly diagnosis all inputting data of system                          Many kind of parameter settings, can meet the different requirements
    USB port supports program transfer