Swing Beam Shearing Machine
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ISO high accuracy mechanism analysis hydraulic swing shearing machine QC12Y-4x3200mm

  • QC12Y Series
  • Bambeo
  • 84623990
    • 4mm
    • 3200mm
1. Main Features of Hydraulic Shearing Machine
  • Totally EU streamlined design,Monoblock by welding robots & aparatus and stress relief process by Annealing treatment.
  • Adopt integrated hydraulic system, more reliable and easy for maintenance. and the hydraulic system from Bosch-Rexroth, Germany,
  • Mechanical synchronous meahanism and the complex compensation are designed so as to raise the workpieces precision.
  • The stroke and distance of the backgauge is adjusted by the motor and is well adjusted by hand,the adjustment is displayed by E21.
  • Inch, single mode being designed for the machine and reversing and maintain time can be controlled by the time relays.
  • Safe fence and the electric interlocker have been designed for the machine to ensure the operation safety.  
2. Hydraulic System:
  • Hydraulic system is from Bosch,Germany.Adopt integrated hydraulic control system, more reliable and easy for maintenance.
  • The hydraulic system consists of motor, oil pump and valve groups and it is installed at the top of the oil box.
  • Every complete working cycle can be achieved through the control of hydraulic valve.The remote adjustment valve can adjust the working pressure at the right side of the wall board.
  • Overload overflow protection is outfitted to hydraulic system,which can assure no leakage,and the oil level can be read or seen directly
  • All seals in cylinder is PARKER from USA,the most famous brand,good quality and high performance,
3. Safety Equipment Of Shearing Machine
  • Safety Standards(2006/42/EC):   
  •  EN 12622:2009 + A1:2013         
  •  EN ISO 12100:2010         
  •  EN 60204-1:2006+A1:2009
  • Front finger Protection(Safety light curtain)
  • South Korea Kacon Foot Switch(Level 4 of safety)
  • Back metal safe fence with CE standards
  • Safety relay with Monitor the pedal switch and safety protection
  • Monochrome LCD Box Panel.
  • Integral factor programmable freely
  • Automatic positioning control
  • Spindle allowance offset
  • Internal time relay
  • Stock counter
  • Backgauge position display, resolution in 0.05mm
TECHNICAL FEATURES NC shearing machine QC12Y-4X3200MM
1 Type NC shearing machine
2 Control System Estun E21S nc controller
3 Max cutting thickness 4mm
4 Max cutting width  3200mm
5 Workbench panel thickness 35mm
6 Shearing angle 1°30’
7 Backgauge range 400mm
8 Stroke time 14min­1
9 Throat depth 130mm
10 Blade length 3300mm
12 Main motor power 5.5KW
13 Dimensions (L*W*H) 3690*1650*1620 mm
14 Machine weight 5.1T
15 Option 1 ELGO P20
Option 2 DAC 310