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HB-3000Ton Eight Posts Steel Door Embossing Press Machine Eight Column Hydraulic Door Press Machine

The Machine with three beams, Eight column structure Cylinder for 35 forging

  • HB-3000TON
  • 84629190
    • 3000Ton
    • 2500x1500mm
    • 2000x1000mm
    • Single Action
    • Double Action
  • NEW
  • 220V/380V/415V
  • CE & ISO
  • 2 Years
  • Door Embossing hydraulic press Machine
1.Features of Hydraulic press (Hydraulic door embossing machine ) with 8-column  2500T
  • The fuselage adopts the vertical three-beam column structure, which is connected by the upper beam, the slider and the lower beam, connected with the column of the bar, and is tightened by the nut to form a closed rigid frame, the slider and the master cylinder Connected to column-oriented up and down to move.
  • The lower plane of the slider and the movable table are opened with a T -slot for the installation of the mold. Column 45 high-quality carbon steel, forging heat treatment, hard chrome plating surface treatment; column guide sleeve for the composite material, with good wear resistance and self-lubricating properties
2.Hydraulic system Of Door Hydraulic Press
  • The use of advanced cartridge valve integrated system, fast response, internal resistance is small. Plug the use of the most advanced materials and structure, so that the system action to switch the impact of small, valve plate, cover the appearance of nickel plating, the appearance of generous and no corrosion. Guide valve, cover screws using high -quality imported high-strength screws, sealed with high-quality imported seals, reducing oil spill probability. Pumps and systems plus shock absorber noise reduction devices to reduce noise and shock.
  • Tank:
    the tank is arranged in the right side of the press, the cabinet after welding completed by artificial grinding, dough roll, pickling, phosphate treatment to ensure cleanliness; tank front with oil level, oil temperature instructions, t he upper installation of precision air filter Purifier, to ensure that the internal and external isolation tank; tank side with a hole for cleaning pu rposes.
    The main hydraulic station is divided into two layers, the pump motor unit in the bottom of the ta nk orderly arrangement.
  • Piping:
    The use of high-quality fluid pipe, the cutting, bending, cutting, chamfering, argon arc welding, polishing, pickling, and,
    Phosphate, cleaning, drying, oil and other processes to enter the installation.
3.Structure Of Hydraulic Press
  • Cylinder, cylinder, piston, piston rod overall forging, material: 45 # steel.
  • Piston guide sleeve, support guide ring set of phosphor copper instead of the traditional nylon material, greatly  ,improving the stability of the guide and wear resistance.
  • Piston rod ion intruding, surface carburizing quenching, depth 0.03mm ~ 0.04mm, electricity Hard chrome plating, layer thickness 0.04mm ~ 0.05mm.
  •  Column 45 # medium carbon steel, the quenching and tempering treatment, surface hardening, electroplating hard chromium layer thickness 0.04mm ~ 0.05mm.