4-Column Hydraulic Press
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4-Column Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press YL32-630Tons

Four column hydraulic is simple,economical and practical. The frame of steel is strength,high accuracty and strong in anti-deviation.

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    • Single Action
    • Double Action
    • 315T
1.Characteristics of Hydraulic Press YL32-630Tons
       ●  Four Column structure enjoys outstanding rigidity. Each press is designed through Finite Element Structural Analysis and                      optimization to assure high strength and rigidity.  
       ●  Adopt cartridge valve integrated system characterized by little impact, reliable movement, little leakage and long service life;                 Enjoy automatic lubrication system for guide rails. (Such technology is introduced from Taiwan.) 
       ●  Four columns are made of high strength alloy steel with hard chromium plated surface featuring good wear-resistance..
       ●  The main hydraulic and electric parts adopt brand-name components from Japan, France, Germany and Taiwan, so the               machine enjoys high reliable performance.
       ●  Mitsubishi PLC +Touch Screen (HMI) integrated control. There are 3 operation manners, adjustable, manual and semi-                automatic.
       ●  Designed with adjustable drawing speed, the machine is applicable for various thickness metalworking and deep                          drawing.
       ●  The press fully meets CE safety requirements.
       ●  The slide has fast speed and high productive efficiency.
2. Security system of Hdyraulic Press YL32-630Tons
       ●  Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure the operation safety. Have a movable single-hand pedal switch,
       ●  The entire equipment totally security (according to EN292:1994, EN60204:1994 and NR12) and defined as Level 4 of                   safety.
       ●  Intrinsic hydraulic safety valve block with redundant control and dynamic monitoring carried out by a security interface
       ●  Right side protection: vertical door, pneumatic actuating, made of aluminium frame and polycarbonate transparate plates.
3. Press Machine Applications:
   Deep draw press is applied in production techniques, like deep drawing, stamping, cutting, bending, flanging of metal sheet.
   Particularly applied in the following industries:
  1) Automobile Industry: steel ring, vehicle body, chasis, axle housing, fuel tank, door and many more.
   2) Household Appliance Industry: Components for air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, electric cooker etc.
   3) Kitchen Ware Industry: stainless steel utensil, gas cylinder, stainless steel sink, cooking bench, etc.
   4) Aluminum Cookware.
Optional Type
       ●  Moving Bolster / Die Change Trolley
       ●  Stamping Dampers for shock proof while stamping
       ●  Trolley / Moving Bolster for easy die change
       ●  Cushion Device for anti-shock while stamping
       ●  Water Cooler / Oil Chiller
       ●  Mould Hydraulic clamping
       ●  Air breathing design as per request
       ●  Accumulators for fast speed and low energy consumption
TECHNICAL FEATURES  4-Column Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press  YL32-630Tons
1 Type 4-Column Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press
2 Rated nominal pressure 6300KN
3 Knock out force 1000KN
4 Back stroke pressure 850KN
5 Ram stroke length 900mm
6 Knock out stroke 350mm
7 Max. Opening height 1500mm
8 Ram speed Idle stroke 100Mm/s
Work 5-12Mm/s
Return 85Mm/s
9 Knock out speed Knock out 75Mm/s
Return 170Mm/s
10 Work table size (L-R*F-B*L-R) 1600*1600*4510mm
11 Outline dimensions(F-B*H) 2250*5400mm
12 Motor capacity 2*22KW
13 Weight of the machine 33000kg