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160Tx3200mm 8+1Axis DA66T CNC hydraulic press brake has been finished and ready to load

The news design CNC hydraulic press brake has been finished and ready to load.
From configuration to performance can be compared with Europe and the United States  

Streamlined design, overall welded and processed structure with internal stress eliminated by vibration aging technology, high strength and good rigidity of machine

The main configuration of the CNC machine comes from Germany, which is famous for its excellent quality, leading technology and exquisite workmanship.

The high-precision grating scale is installed on C-type frame, so as to avoid the influence of the deformation of the fuselage on the accuracy of bending during bending.
Why is grating scare function?
It is a measurement feedback device that works with the optical principle of a grating.
The scale displacement sensor is often used in closed-loop servo systems of CNC machine tools and can be used as a linear displacement or angular displacement detection. The measured output signal is a digital pulse, with a large detection range, high detection accuracy, and fast response.
In CNC machine it is often used to detect the coordinates of the tool and the workpiece to observe and track the error of the pass, so as to compensate for the motion error of the machine

Integrated hydraulic system from REXROTH, Germany decreased the pipe connections, oil leakage, and increases the stability and overall beautifies.
Also can reduced noise: the particular installation choices allow obtaining especially moderate noise levels both on machines of average capacity
Overload overflow protection is outfitted to hydraulic system, which can assure no leakage, and the oil level can be read or seen directly. 
The hydraulic system is made in compliance with current regulations (Directive 98/37 EC).
REXROTH is not only one of the world's top 100 companies, but also one of the world's leading high-tech companies. For more than 50 years, the Bosch Rexroth Group's business unit has been dedicated to the development of high-tech products in the professional hydraulic transmission field. Its products and brands have earned worldwide reputation. Rexroth's products are unique because in the world market, there are currently no other brands that can provide customers with all drive and control technologies, specialization and integration.
Controller :  Delem DA66T From Holland
17 inch TFT true color LCD display; 800*600 dot matrix, 16 bits; memory capacity 128MB; product and mold storage capacity 64MB; diagnostic program; built-in PLC; HSB module; graphical mode configuration; 2D graphic display .
General technical specifications: real-time Windows embedded operating system; stable, multi-tasking environment; support for sudden power failure; compatible brand-new series of modules; multi-machine linkage function. Programming function: Product naming of numbers and letters, up to 25 characters; 2D graphics programming, 3D display; 2D/3D bending process automatic calculation;
  Graphics programming mode under the process of exchange and movement; front support material display; a page programming table; product and mold graphic display selection; set the axis movement speed; free set of material parameters; program repetition times, maximum 9,999; Step, maximum 99; repetitions per step, maximum 99;

  It is automatic arc calculation; bending radius; self-learning bending compensation table; angle correction database. Auxiliary functions: machine working time + program count; Error message system; Diagnostic program; Multilingual selection; Help text, online help; Handwheel moves all axes; Y and auxiliary axis teaching; program counting; user-specific application support; built-in PLC. Interface: HSB module, up to 8 modules; DNC-RS232C; network interface (100Mb/10Mb); USB interface 2; Enhanced features: Wordpad (Emailpad); Email (POP3); Web Browser; Remote Terminal; Remote Diagnostics; Analysis Software Tools; PDF Tools
The backgauge is with digital AC servo motor drive, It can control multiple backgauge axis. And up to 8+1 Axis 
There is also equipped with the encoder, and the digital display system makes the position of the rear stopper and the upper slider show more accurate, thus further improving the working accuracy of the machine 
The whole backgauge is stable, elegant appearance

The electric appliance is Schneider from French 

Schneider Electric Co., Ltd. is a global leader in energy efficiency management. Its main businesses include power, industrial automation, infrastructure, energy efficiency, and energy, etc.

Loading and Standard Exporting Packaging of BAMBEO
1.Inner machine, it is packaged in moisture proof film.
3. Ground fixed bolt to confirm steady and avoid destroy.


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